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Fausti UK has been set up to give the UK, existing clientele and new clients a service to support with any enquiries. As the clients are growing in numbers in the UK Fausti want to give there clients the best service possible and by having Fausti UK will help achieve a excellent service.

Our office/ gun room is located in North Yorkshire near some of the best game shooting and country side in the UK where you are welcome to visit by prior appointment.

Fausti will also be attending more events in the UK which will be listed on:- www.faustiarms.com wed site where you will be able to meet a member of the Fausti family who are passionate for customer satisfaction and their shotguns.

Fausti UK will also be offering a service to Fausti customers world wide.

To arrange hunting and fishing trips in the UK and Africa please visit the shooting, fishing section for details on Stag Country Sports by visiting our web site, calling or email use for any inquiries.

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