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This firearm is part of the Fausti Boutique range. These fine shotguns are made to order, and customised to your exact requirements. When you enquire about a boutique item, we will contact you to arrange an appointment/meeting to discuss your exact requirements.


The Senator is a fine sidelock side by side shotgun with hand detachable locks at the very top of the Fausti line. The gun features chopper lump barrels, traditional mechanism, stocks and forends in select walnut and best engraving signed by the masters. Two wonderful examples of engraving on these two pages: an intricate scroll intertwined with gold-inlaid spirals on the left and on the right is a traditional Rose & Scroll engraving with classic game scene, showing a combination of great beauty and strong evocative power. This is a shotgun that cannot be missing from a fine collection that wants to be considered such.

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